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Discovering therapeutic antibodies
selected by nature

Part of the progressive generation of modern monoclonal antibody discovery platforms, the immortalization of B cells marks a clear advance in the field of therapeutic antibody development. Through immortalization, the total B cell repertoire can be used directly to generate high-affinity, stable antibodies for clinical development. For more details about the research and intellectual property that forms the basis of this revolutionary B cell immortalization platform, see AIMM’s core technology.

AIMM Therapeutics’ suite of platforms, based on the ability to immortalize and clone B cells, can be applied to antibody discovery using the human B cells or B cells of various animal species.

AIMM’s B cell immortalization platform enables the ability to
  • Discover and select desired antibodies
  • Improve antibodies (affinity and stability)
  • Develop bispecific antibodies or antibody drug conjugates
Utilize various animal species (i.e., rabbit, mouse, llama and primates) for antibody discovery.