Core technology

Discovering therapeutic antibodies designed by nature

The core technology

The power and uniqueness of AIMM’s approach rests with the ability to immortalize the human immune system’s memory B cells by transforming these cells into long living plasmablasts. This is achieved via our patented process of introducing two cellular factors, BCL6 and Bcl-xL, into the memory B cells.

The immortalized plasmablasts express the B cell receptor on their surface and secrete immunoglobulins into the culture supernatant. Due to their immortalized state, the cells can be kept in culture indefinitely and maintain physiological levels of activation-induced cytidine deaminase (AID) expression. These attributes enable AIMM to directly select B cells from the entire B cell collection of immune cells based on either affinity or biological function. This new generation platform for antibody discovery and development eliminates the need to use extensive molecular engineering techniques.

AIMM’s approach has many advantages over other techniques

  • The entire B cell population can be immortalized with efficiencies of up to 10,000 times better than traditional hybridoma approaches
  • Functional testing or affinity-based selection enable a small set of interesting B cells to be rapidly separated from the B cell population
  • Affinity/stability maturation is achieved by making use of naturally expressed activation -induced cytidine deaminase (AID)
  • The immortalized cells can be cultured indefinitely or frozen and thawed without loss of antibody expression (either on the surface or secreted into the culture supernatants)